Offset Sues Quality Control Over Solo Career.

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American rapper Kiari Kendrell Cephus, professionally known as Offset has taken legal action against his record label, Quality Control.

The renowned rapper is suing QC for breaching their agreement made in January 2021. According to the rapper, he paid millions for his solo artist right which Quality Control allegedly refused to honor.

The lawsuit came on Tuesday 23, August 2022, stating that Quality Control has failed to honor the deal that was inked in early 2021[b1].

Recall that Offset just released a new single which he tagged “54321” and also announces a forthcoming solo project. Since the release of 54321, Offset has gone viral as he drags Quality Control for claiming the track as their own.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Quality Control’s Pierre Thomas took to Twitter to degrade Offset’s action.

“The last lawsuit was filed publicly and dismissed quietly. Let’s see how this one go. Been too real for all this lame sh!t. Everyone knows the real problem.” Pierre Thomas tweeted.

Responding to the tweet, Offset said he paid millions to get his solo artist right but the label blackballed him, also seeking credit from his new track.

N!g*as act like I’m the problem, I paid millions to get my rights back, N!g*a,”. “You blackballed me. I ain’t said Sh!t one time homie, I ain’t spoke to you in 2 years now I drop, and you want ya name on my credit?” Offset fire back.

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