Facts About Dates; Benefits and Nutritional Values

Dates fruits
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Dates palm (Scientific name; Phoenix dactilyfera) are tropical fruits known to be one of the tastiest fruit in the world. They are believed to have originated from Iraq but Egyptians used it to make wines years ago. Dates grow in clusters, dark brown, and highly nutritious flesh.

Benefits of consuming dates

1. Dates Lower Cholesterol; Dates contain zero amount of cholesterol and reduce excess fats thereby reducing obesity. Adding a little number of dates to your diet will play important role in maintaining your cholesterol level and weight loss.

2. Important source of vitamins; Dates contain vitamins A1, B1, B2, B3, B5, and vitamin C. Adding dates to your diet will improve your health status and make you free of minor health complications. As a source of Glucose, Fructose as well as Sucrose, dates will greatly boost your energy level.

3. Strengthening bone; Dates contain an appreciable amount of Selenium, Magnesium, Manganese, and copper which help to improve bone health as well as prevent osteoporosis (a medical condition in which bones become weak and tender).

Dates Fruit

4. Improves brain health; Daily consumption of dates has a positive role to play in the improvement of the brain and also helps in preventing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease in children. Moreover, dates are rich in choline and vitamin B which play an important role in learning and boosting memory.

5. Strengthens nervous system; Dates are also rich in Potassium and Sodium (although Sodium here is in small amounts) which help the brain cells to communicate with each other and with cells farther away in the body. Potassium helps to strengthen the muscles, prevent stroke and maintain cholesterol levels in the body.

6. Promotes Digestion; Dates are an important source of fibre that helps to regulate constipation and flatulence. Consuming a seed of dates daily will stabilize the digestive system.

7. Skincare; Dates are an important source of vitamin C and D which help to keep the body fresh and healthy. More also, Dates can be used as an anti-aging agent which prevents the accumulation of Melanin in the body.

8. Controls diabetes; According to research, it was suggested that dates are very active when it comes to reducing blood sugars and fat levels. Funny as it sounds, dates can be used as an oral diabetes drug as well as insulin supplementation.

9. Improve heart health; Dates are important antioxidants that improve cardiac and pulmonary health. Consuming dates will greatly boost your heart health. They prevent cardiac disease and other heart-related diseases.


Nutritional value of dates

Dry dates are high in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Dry dates are also high in calories essentially in carbohydrates.


 Amount% of daily intake
Fibre8 g32%
Energy314 kilocalories 
Sugar63 g
Protein2.5 g5%
Fats total0.4 g0%
Cholesterol0m g0%
Carbohydrate75 g25%
Vitamin B6 10%
Vitamin C 0%
Vitamin D 0%
Potassium656 mg18%
Sodium2 mg0%
Iron 5%
Magnesium 10%
Calcium 3%

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